Know the benefits that wet
wipes brings you Bresh

Skin care

Bresh cares for your skin, it is made with ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that clean, hydrate, and protect your skin. Also, they are free of alcohol and parabens. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologic approved.

Provides softness
Bresh wet wipes are so soft that they pamper your skin, they are made of soft and resistant cloth, not tissue. They are not easily broken. Also, they have the appropriate size to be used anywhere at any time.

Feminine fragrance
It comes in two varieties of feminine fragrances: DIVA and MYSTIC. Bresh feminine fragrances have a fresh, soft and delicate touch made for the skin that every woman desires and they don’t compete with your perfume.

Your top accessory
Cheerful accessory, delicate and practical, can be used in any occasion: in the car, in the purse, at home, in the bathroom or the office. No more dilemmas, in just one wipe you will find everything you need to be ready in any situation!

Clean and soft sensation for your skin

Bresh for women
Bresh for women
Bresh for women